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Please update

Update to English. This looks like a great app but it would be better if it was in ENGLISH!

English idiots!!!

Whoever created this game didnt have sales in mind,hello!


That was probably the gayest app next to the punch meter. Its like a drivers we test in French. Dont waste the time

This is for residents of France.

The other reviewers dont seem to realize that this application is not a game and is not targeted to an English/American audience. This is something that couldve been figured out based on the fact that everything is in French. If these customers actually spoke French they would know what they were downloading. The description clearly states that this app is for preparing for the driving exam IN FRANCE. Even if you dont speak the language of a description, there are free translators on the web that can decipher it for you in a matter of seconds. Please dont post a bad review for something when you dont even know what it is youre rating. That said, based on the applications true purpose, I think this is quite a nice app for practicing the rules of the road. In the multiple choice test, I like how the pictures can be zoomed in to analyze the situation youre being quizzed on. Only thing is that theres a time limit so if you dont know the answer offhand, then it will jump to the next question before you can finish deciding. However, after the quiz is over, it lets you go back to a specific question and compare your answers with the correct one. For a free app, I found it to be very helpful. Merci, cest parfait pour mes besoins. Jaime les photos, le format, et les différents examens.

Nice app

Wow as an American that needs to pass the Code. This app is good stuff I even will be buying the more complete version.

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